Public Policy

The Environmental Justice Leadership Forum on Climate Change has had the opportunity to weigh in on several policy issues.


Legislative Priorities

EJLFCC 2013 Legislative Priorities


Letters to the Administration

Letter to President Obama from EJ Representatives, February 13, 2013


Response to President Obama’s Climate Action Plan from WE ACT for Environmental Justice – June 27, 2013


Official Public Comment on Federal PoliciesĀ 

Soot Comment Cover Letter


Env Just Forum Comments on NAAQS PM2.5


DSW letter FINAL


Letters to Congress

56-Member Letter to EPA re PM2.5 12-10-2012


CPC Letter on PM 2.5 Standards


The Honorable Harold Rogers 12 27 2012


The Honorable Barbara A Mikulski 12 27 2012 (1)


Director Jeffrey Zients